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Hedges Nine
Mile Point
1290 Lake Road
Webster, NY  14580


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Hedges Nine Mile Point Restaurant

Entrance Sign

Main Dining Room - West side


By the canal, Dock Side


Lakeside view - Front Northwest Corner

Main Dining Room , Overlooking Lake Ontario

Far Northeast corner of property, by Gazebo

Viewing Gazebo, North face of the Restaurant
A view from Lake Ontario, with flags, front of restaurant
By the canal, a level up from the Dock Side

Adirondack chairs & a view of the Gazebo

View of the front lawn, from far West corner
From the West, the lawn & Patio area

Front Driveway, looking East

Dock view, looking North
Under the overhang, on the patio
The Bar, looking North
North end of the Bar
Piano Bar, in the lounge
Piano Bar, from southwest corner of lounge
Main Dining Room, middle area
View of the Deck & Upper Deck Dining Areas
View of the Deck Dining Area, looking North
View of Northeast Corner of Deck Dining Area
Far North End of Main Dining Room
Our Private Room, the Mariner Room, North View
The Mariner Room, South View
Bar Booths, looking towards the Deck Dining Area
View of Upper Deck, 4 intimate, romantic tables
View from Lake Ontario: front of the restaurant
View from Lake Ontario:  The Gazebo
View from Lake Ontario:  The Dock, Canalside
View from Lake Ontario:  The Gazebo & front lawn
Welcome to Hedges!
Patio view, from under the overhang
Grounds view: The Weeping Willow
Grounds view:  From the Canalside
The Grounds, a view from above
Grounds view:  Looking West to East
Gazebo from up above
Grounds view:  North face of Restaurant
A view of Lake Ontario
A view from the Grounds
A view of the Patio / Overhang


Closed for the season…

See you March 20, 2015!

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